Dan Millman (Part 1) – Responding Optimally to Each Moment: Self-Mastery, Service, and the Peaceful Warrior Spirit

Dan Millman Deep Transformation

Dan Millman, a man who has devoted his life to mastery—in sports and in the arena of life itself—and author of the book that opened doors for so many, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, published in the 80s, talks about inspiration, talent, discipline, mastery, ordinary life, and his own path, practices, teachers, and new book, Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit: The True Story of My Spiritual Quest. Humorous and humble, Dan embodies the peaceful warrior way, centering his life around service, sharing his wisdom, and living the question, “What needs doing right now?” Recorded on October 20, 2021.

“There are no ordinary moments.

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Topics & Time Stamps – Part 1

  • The deepest source of Dan’s inspiration (05:32) 
  • How do we develop talent? In sports—and in life (06:46)
  • The heart of Dan’s motivation: What’s the bigger picture? Asking “What do I do?” instead of “Who am I?” (11:25)
  • The importance of gaining self-knowledge (Know thyself): otherwise we make the right choice for the wrong person! (12:51)
  • On discipline, the Marshmallow Experiment, and using failure as a stepping stone (15:15) 
  • The learning curve of mastering…anything (18:18)
  • There are no ordinary moments: practice everything (24:21)
  • How self-mastery leads to a path of service (27:37) 
  • Practicing happiness (33:05)
  • Helping others, helping ourselves: connecting heaven and earth (36:08)

Resources & References – Part 1

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Dan Millman Deep Transformation

Dan Millman has shown us how to live with both a peaceful heart and a warrior’s spirit for forty years. His new book Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit shares his reflections on the extraordinary experiences that shaped his evolution from youthful dreamer to spiritual teacher. Dan’s first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, was a bestseller and adapted into a feature film. Dan is a former world trampoline champion, Stanford University gymnastics coach, martial arts instructor, and Oberlin college professor. His 18 books are published in 29 languages. Dan has traveled widely, teaching in over thirty countries. To learn more about his books, events, online courses, and free life-purpose calculator, visit www.PeacefulWarrior.com.

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