Marianne Williamson — A Presidential Candidate Speaks from the Heart: The Challenge of Bringing Soul & Integrity to American Politics and the 2024 Election

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on Deep Transformation Podcast

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is astonishing in her openness, authenticity, and candor in this moving conversation that enlightens on a spiritual level as well as a political one. First, we learn why she is running for president, and how she thinks she can help America. As Marianne explains it, her talent lies in translating what is happening so people can grasp the full picture. “Everybody sees it,” she says, talking about our money-driven culture and corrupt political system, “but not everybody can put the pieces together.” She adds that if people were to fully understand what is going on, it would create a space for transformation to occur. Marianne’s remarkable ability to consider all sides of an issue and look beyond symptoms to the root cause of some of our greatest problems is also evident, from calling on liberals to assume their share of responsibility for allowing this country to decline morally in the way that it has to her understanding of the political and psychological forces driving the Israel-Hamas war.

More than a political talk, Marianne reveals a psychological and spiritual portrait of the United States, referencing the brilliant vision of our founding fathers, Martin Luther King’s goal of Beloved Community, and telling a stirring story of the way Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration reflects the high morality of the populace at that time. On a personal level, Marianne’s uncompromising path towards growth and transformation is both clear and inspiring—she talks about the importance of taking 100% responsibility for one’s experience, about practicing what you preach, living a life of service, and the reality of love. The only thing that is missing from any situation, Marianne tells us, is what we can do about it. Recorded January 9, 2024.

“We don’t need just another technocrat or political car mechanic…we’re on the wrong road.”

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Topics & Time Stamps

  • Introducing bestselling author and 2024 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson (01:10)
  • On the importance of practicing what you preach, living a life of service (02:06) 
  • We’re living in a very mean-spirited time: people smear, lie, and ruin others very casually  (03:50)
  • The division now is more between decent and indecent than left and right (04:55)
  • The effects of social media and the argument Trump created of “why not?” Now everything is a mud bath (06:18)
  • The commodification of our culture: everybody sees it (07:06)
  • Marianne is running for president because she can translate what’s happening to people, thereby creating a space where things can actually transform (07:58)
  • The lack of values we need to concern ourselves with is neoliberalism—by our own passive permission, we are on some level acquiescing, making way for demagogues (10:17)
  • We made a businessman (Trump) a god and now we see the consequences (13:44)
  • The American people are not the problem (15:22)
  • Take 100% responsibility for your experience or you won’t be able to change it (16:45)
  • Running for president, waking up to the ugliest things you can imagine, has been Marianne’s greatest spiritual crucible: what an opportunity to forgive herself and others (18:31)
  • How Marianne addresses symptoms and problems but also their underlying psychological and spiritual roots: “We’ve got to address root cause” (24:01)
  • The Israel-Hamas War and unprocessed trauma: if your own trauma is unprocessed you are incapable of being present for the suffering of others (26:50)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King on the political externalization of the goal of desegregation versus the ultimate true goal of Beloved Community—then and now in Israel and Palestine (29:03)
  • John’s comparison of Marianne and Abraham Lincoln (32:00)
  • Why politicians have become wooden and inauthentic (33:22) 
  • What Marianne has learned personally and a message to the people (35:49)
  • The second election of Abraham Lincoln: amazingly, the people voted against their best interest to free slaves
  • An idea grows stronger when it is shared—and the Deep Transformation podcast (41:02)

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Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on Deep Transformation Podcast

Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author, political activist, and spiritual thought leader. For over three decades, she has been a leader in spiritual and religiously progressive circles. She is the author of 15 books, four of which have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. In 1989, Marianne founded Project Angel Food, a non-profit organization that has delivered more than 16 million meals to ill and dying homebound patients. She has also worked throughout her career on poverty, anti-hunger, and racial reconciliation issues. In 2004, she co-founded The Peace Alliance and supports the creation of a U.S. Department of Peace. Marianne ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 and is currently a candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

Podcast produced by Vanessa Santos and Show Notes by Heidi Mitchell

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